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Vision and mission

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Domestic and internationally recognized inspection body for conformity assessment of products, technical inspections and periodic testing of equipment and metal constructions.


Performing inspection conformity assessment, technical inspections and testing of technical equipment and metal structures according to legal provisions, regulations, national and international standards, and by applying the latest advancements and methods in accordance with the needs and requirements of service users.



Basic principles of quality policy in performing the inspection activity:

  • fully meet the requirements of users with respect to legislation and standards
  • execution of activities with the highest quality for each user without financial and other impacts
  • implementing, maintaining and improving the system of quality management according to ISO / IEC 17020,
  • application of modern equipment and measures for protection at work by all involved parties,
  • concern for health and safety of persons and property safety in carrying out activities from the activity
  • constant concern for the protection and promotion of environmental
  • maintaining relationships with service users on the principle of mutual respect and trust,
  • ensure confidentiality of information received from service users and protecting their property rights,
  • insuring independence and impartiality of the entire staff of the inspection body, as well as not having a conflict of interest to them,
  • continuously improve the quality of inspections by staff training and introduction of new methods and equipment for inspection,
  • upotrba high quality properly calibrated equipment when doing business,
  • meeting the quality requirements defined in policies and procedures by all persons engaged in activities through professional commitment and dedication,
  • cooperation and exchange with other bodies.


December 2009


Dragan Antovski

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