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Technical inspections of Mining technical equipement

Wednesday, 10 August 2011 11:54 administrator
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  1. Technical review and examinations  before putting into service (first technical review)
  2. Periodic and extraordinary technical review and inspections
  3. Technical review and significant change after inspection or accident occurred

  • Mining equipment and systems for carrying out mining activities on surface mining of coal (rotorn excavators; i; dragliners-excavators; pipe fitters; universal excavators, self-universal platforms)


  • Mining equipment for carrying out mining activities on surface mining of minerals matal and nonmetal (self-propelled hydraulic drills for mine driling with a hammer, drilling machines for deep mine drilling powered by compressed air, electric excavators, trucks, trucks, hydraulic drill diesel plant formation of stone blocks;  hydraulic diesel-powered drill for exploitation of stone driller of electro hydraulic drive for exploitation of stone;)


  • Mining equipment for performing in pit mining conditions (akomulator trolej and locomotives for the transport of people and transport of ore, slag and materials; machines with diesel engines for mining activities in nonmetal tanks for transportation of people, transportation of ore, slag materials and transport resources, fuels and lubricants; pit trucks, pit wagons for transportation of people and transport of ore, slag and materials, performing equipment room, self-propelled machines for loading and transportation; skreperski machines, machines Mine drilling and investigation drills; machines for filling the explosion)
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